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Member card: Take your member card with your ID and password to access your personal space.
3D Scanning: Data capture takes only 0,01 seconds.
Processing: Calculation procedure assembles photos to create your 3D avatar.
Applications: Video game, 3D printing, customised applications, ...
A huge amount of applications possibilities!
3D scanning studio by photogrammetry.
A very quick scanning system.
For human body or animals.
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Business : corporate gift for your team and partners, 3D customized statue with your mark. Business sample
Family : your pregnancy in 3D, your printing mini-me on your wedding cake, a 3D scan of your pets… Family sample
Event & marketing : rent and customize the 3DBS for marketing events and special occasions. A high tech animation for all your promotional events. Event sample
Video game & applications : personalised development with your 3D avatar on multiple plateforms, marketing apps and serious games to promote your company. Game sample
Fashion industry: application to test a new clothes collection virtually on your own body, interactive catalog with augmented reality. Fashion sample